Sunday, February 3, 2013



Dear diary,
im sorry but ive just gotta start it with a laugh hehehe coz im here to tell you about a particular guy who is soooooooooo incrediblyyyyyy annoyinggggg!!!! hahahaha

He is like...... somebody that i can have a real argument with. I have never talked to a guy that way before. I would never talk in that manner in d first place. Oh but with him, he just brings out the ... the inner firey part of me that i thought nobody could take out. except for a particular friend of mine but i never saw him more than just a friend that i could argue with.

But this guy, he ... he be honest, i can see a certain 'future' sort of if i wanted to, insyaAllah. Allah has sent me this guy for a reason into my life. every guy Allah has sent in my life has their very own significance and insyaAllah im sure this guy has his own significance too.

He makes mee sooo angryy, sooo fired up! But the thing is, the firey part is not the kind that you would dread over, its d kind that would just makes u laugh in the end.

He has his charm i must admit. He knows how to get his way around me. His effort is adorable tho its hard for me to say. He just likes to bully me around. He drains my energy by calling me in the middle of d night and we talk until 4 am in the morning and that would still would not stop unless i say i want to sleep.

Oh one more thing, normally i meet guys who loves to sleep, who would just prefer sleep over doing anything else. But this guy, he would just not sleep. he wouldnt mind not sleeping, but do his work or talking to me! He is the first guy who does not put sleep as his priority list which is very unusual.

And he is sooooo perasannn omgggg!!! He thinks he is sooooooo goood... well he is... butt... he is soooo perasaannnn!!! hahahah.... thats one of his charm really. its just sooo ... soo.... u just want to slap him, or wrestle him, or strangle him or just push him off something.

I could be myself around him but this self of mine is not the kind that one would think. This self is the one that i am my worse and he still would want to be friends with me. I am so mengade with him. I am not that mengade with anyone else. i dont know how to describe it but i am so mengade with him, i am talkative around him, i literally just could scream when i talk to him. and and.... i could just marah him whenever i like. i dont have to cautious around him. i can say anything i like, i can be as annoying as well to him because he is so annoying to me, i can be honestly really really...... terrible around him but he is still there and it just makes you think.

He just appeared into my life out of nowhere and now he is well.... part of my life i guess. So annoying.
He really just is so annoying. Hahaha. * thats the effect he has over me: he is so annoying, but it makes you smile. So annoying, hahaahha. Ok2, well dear diary, thats d latest entry.

His name? Hahahaha lets save that for another day. For now, all i could say is he is the annoying...z! hahaha

ill see you around next time then, Assalamualaikum!

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