Wednesday, June 4, 2014

cant do this!!

dear diary,

i cant do this! i cant! i just cant!
i dont wana get hurt again and i just cant fall for a guy who might not love me back! i just cant take that chance!

oh god, why do i have to like him? yea i said it. i like the guy but i cant do anything about it coz i dont know i just canttttt!!

i mean what the hell am i doing?? why do i give in to temptation? why did i allow myself to like him? i thought getting to know him would not mean anything coz of the obvious reasons but..... but....time flies by and...i kinda do!! stillllll its tooooo early to telll, what the hell am i doing?? like seriously? noo sarah u just cantttt!! u have to play it safe this time, u have to! no exceptions!

i cant! i cant do this! im starting to think about him a lot...and i cant go on to that level! i know myself! i know what happens when i get on to that level! God! i soooo need a job so i can get busy!

arghhhh this is sooo *****8** up! haha i never type like this havent i? this just indicates how depressingly i feel at the moment! arghhhh im hating this at the moment! i mean i like it that i like him but i know it will come with hurt..... and i hate that!

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