Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby, its like ipoh..only its a bit further..thats all!

dear diary,
the time is nearing for me to go! im going, can u believe it? i'll be leaving next week n boy, i dont know what im so scared because i know, that once i step a foot there in uk, my life wud going there to learn and therefore, im going to grow up..and when i come back, i no longer would be the 'me' now, somehow and in some ways, i wud change and how scary is that? not only i would be the one who changed, the life here in malaysia would change too...hope all will go well...

the things that i tell myself to calm my nerves..

1. sarah sweety, u gotta calm down, its like ipoh..only its further...
2. dont worry too much
3. besides, ure going there to learn and travel n learn, no unnecessary flirting...n d thing is, u dont feel like flirting anymore...literally, i dont huhu
4. love ur company, u know u got great friends!
5. its just 3 years..or better yet, 36 months, i think 36 months sounds only going there for 36 months, its not that long haha
6. this is part of ur dream when ure a kid, now u have d chance to relieve it, dont waste it!
7. u have a life too sarah, and u have to do this for urself, lengkapkn diri then u can think about being together with 'the one'.
8. u know ure going to miss ur family, 'him' n friends, but dont let it bring u down...use it as a strength, u know they always want d best for u...
9. just go there sarah and cherish d moment and finish what u went there for with flying colours, this is part of ur destiny, and warwick is ur hogwarts....u have some unfinish duties, thus, fulfil ur destiny sarah and dont let urself, ur family, n ur beloved down...
10. this is ur life sarah, do it ur way!

11. 3 tahun skjap je sarah..........!! insyaAllah...moga2 dipermudahkn sgala urusan olehNya...n dijauhkn kesulitan....amin ya rabbal amin...

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