Friday, August 27, 2010

You gotta ponder!

Dear diary,

Why must people think it is ok to love moderately? I know everyone when they were kids, all of them dreamt of an everlasting love, a love which is so powerful that they needed each other endlessly. I know all of us believed in that once and dreamed of it, wishing that it will come true.
But like other things that disappeared while growing up; believe we could fly, believe that we can talk to animals and plants, believe that we could see things..., this sort of belief died off too. Most of them grew up denying that there is ever such thing because like they always say, 'reality check', that sort of thing doesnt exists. Dream killers I would name them but I dont blame them a hundred percent, they say it based on what they have been through. Everyone of us were dreamers, and some are still are. But some have lived their life and had gone through a phase which changes their perception on things. It matures them but my small wish here is that, although it matures them, I hope they dont lose the kind of dream they have when they're kids. For it is these things that keeps you going in life and happy at the same time. Your emotions will be tested in all directions and thats where you will discover, how complex it is being a human, therefore, how big our fight is.

I am just trying to point out one important point here, two individuals can feel such love if only they both believe in it.
I know I heard this somewhere, elderly woman siad this once:

' When you are in a relationship and in love, it does not mean you have to stick to that person like a glu on a paper; being together every minute of the day because life my dear, is about each individuals and it is not always about others. If you are apart, then you just have to have enough faith that the other person loves you and misses you as much as you do. That sort fo faith is important as it will remind you to hold on till the end. You may never find another one like him, and he should know, he would never find another one like you. ' Now for me, thats the reality of it'.

And I think what she said is the best explanation ever. You just have to have faith but that faith must be founded upon something too. If it is clear that the man or woman shows no effort to keep your relationship going well, then what are you fighting for? It takes two to tango. if you are fighting, then make sure he/she is fighting too. Thus, in the end, a result will be obtained but the truth is, you will never stop fighting. Life is a climb. You gotta fight to climb your way up. And they say, the view is great .

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