Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Helloooo Manchester!!

WOOOO freezing!!
But such a thrill! I woke up in the morning with a story to tell haha actually I woke up in d morning with my back pack all set and ready to go! I couldn't sleep that well last night, maybe because I was so excited and I was doing a lot of thinking and singing ricky martin's song in my mind( drop it on me, drop it on me, drop it on me hey hey). What a thing to do before going to bed....

THE three musketeers, that would be us, rinie, cici and I walked on through the cold morning, making our way to the busstop and oh look, there are other people waiting there as well. I guess travelling really early in d morning is something people look forward to, I know I am, I like travelling in d dark, where everything seem so mysterious and special, it is sooo soo....mystical!

Sementara menunggu, kami makan bekal yg masing2 bawak....i brought fried fillet fish and rice, cici brought pizza and rinie, well rinie brought water hehe...makan la kami disitu, kesejukan tapi penuh dgn gelak ketawa hehe, kami bertiga mmg mcm tu, trutama kalau dgn cici, asyik nak gelak je, she can giggle so easily, its like, whatever you say, she would giggle and you would giggle along as well, what a girl, fun to be with and with rinie, she knows how to crack jokes, ada je something die nak cakap...sakit perut pagi2 duk ktwa, other people must have thought we had gone MAD, coz we couldnt keep quiet!

Bile da sampai bus, kami pun naik la. We took d mega bus, and in England, mega bus is the cheapest way to travel, kekadang 1 pound pun can take you to London berbanding naik train dalam berbelas2 pound. Amazing gk la but the drawback is, you would have to know how to keep cool and not get sick in the bus.

Ramai kawan2 yang da report drg pening and muntah2 naik mega bus, satu sebab laju and satu lagi, cara drg bawak mcm asyik2 berhenti and berhenti ngejut and bile ade selekoh pusing mcm nk lumba kereta!

But alhamdulillah, all of us did not get sick because we slept the whole way haha the part thaT i LOVE during the ride was, praying inside the bus. I have always known how to pray in the vehicle but it was abulition, I keep forgetting which one is the compulsory one, and I know my friend rinie, she knows a lot about this, I know going this trip with her will enable me to gain something new and I did, and it was so simple! In the bus, I washed my face, my arms, a bit of hair and my feet with a niat khuf, it was for, whenever I want to pray next, my abulition wouldnt require me to wash my feet but it was enough to just wipe some water on my shoes, it was awesome!

The journey took about 2 hours and once we had arrived, we have arrived! Manchester was so soo...industrial like looking. Its got tall buildings, a lot of dull grey colours but still it gives the sense of like you're back to the industrial age where everything is coal mine and factory based but still modernisation has taken its process, and it has a balance between both. Graffiti was everywhere, my cousin did say that the place was filled with hooligans. But alhamdulillah, we were not disturbed.

All the shops were still closed at that moment tapi ya Allah, sejuknyeee and dah la kedai banyak tak bukak lagi, nak marah la cara drg berniaga kat sini, bukak lambat, tutup awal, ape benda la...haha...haiish, nak makan pun kami duk makan bekal je dulu,nak menunggu kedai bukak lambat lagi!
pastu, kami terus plan nak pergi old trafford, rupenye, it is about 20 minutes from where we were. So, kami pergi la kaunter pertanyaan nak tanya, kat mana nak beli tiket seterusnya sebab dari tadi kami duk baca plan journey drg kat dinding tapi x faham huhu so I asked:
Hye there, we would like the day saver tickets please? Oh sorry love but we dont sell those here, you have got to get them from the bus driver Oh i see, mm ok then, so here(the counter) is where people ask for information only yes? Oh well basically, some people would just like to come and shout at me(sempat lagi die sinis kat situ, tp ketawa je sebab tau she was making a joke and at the same time being sarcastic), or buy tickets for long travelling distance and book them but not day savers.... Ok, well thank you very much, see you!

WE decided to get onto a tram, its like LRT but it is on the road along with the cars and the buses, but we dont get traffic jams haha and when the announcer, announced that we had arrived in old trafford, i looked at my girls and at the same time they looked at me, I said, girls this is it, we have arrived....

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