Sunday, January 2, 2011

where are you going?

inevidently, one would ask, where are you going?

inevidently, one would answer, I am going to Manchester....

hihi, dear diary, I am going to Manchester tomorrow morning, at 4.45 am. My god, that is such an early time to be up and about to go travelling, but I am sure, and truly hope the day that we will spend there, would be splendid.

I am not that big of a football fan but i certainly like popular places and this is one of them. My boyfriend has a certain liking for football, he is a huge fan of Manchester United and his idol happens to be Sir Alex Ferguson. If I could meet him there, I would ask for his autograph and it would be the greatest birthday present for my boyfriend!

If I could meet him there, I would ask for his autograph and it would be the greatest birthday present for my boyfriend!
I can't believe Ive ransacked my whole closet to find what to wear for tomorrow. I know it seem a bit silly to do that, because honestly who cares what you're wearing, but to be truthful it is kinda fun to do it when you are feeling excited. It is like figuring out an outfit when you are going on a date. You want to loook good, and most importantly, you wanna feel good. My moto is, comfortable is sexy and comfortable is the key to confidence and confidence is sexy haha

Comfort, Confidence and Sexy.....CCS! Double C s!

Anyway, fashion varies with everyone. If one does not find it catching, then another would. We can't simply criticise everyone of what they are wearing but still we can't really blame them because their interest is different, so what the heck, just wear whatever you like and be happy! p/s: make sure its decent though!

I dont know what to expect when I get to Manchester. Will I see a stadium first? My friend says, there are a lot of good halal food there, will I see A lot of food stalls? Who knows and that is the mystery to travelling, you never know!
Of COURSE i am going to do a bit of research about the place before I go although I like it more if it is spontaneous, but as an act of precaution, research is good and besides, it is one of the best tips about travelling, do a bit of research and it is once you get there, you can be spontanoeus as you like.

Ok dokey, Id best be on my way now, I mean, research hehe I am not going yet, it is 10.30 pm now, a couple of hours to go, I hope I can eat before I go, mmm gotta sleep early, wake early, that is another tip for travelling, always be fresh so that anything that requires thinking while standing, wouldnt be too difficult!

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