Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dear diary,

Hey, it has been a while since i last made an entry. So sorry about that had my hands full. and actually right now, i still have em full, with assignments and what not, but i figured i wana do a quick entry before resuming to my beloved essays. Gosh i have 3 to submit, well 4 but 3 in the near time. I hope I do have time. the thing is, although it may look simple, and the word count is not that much but its because there is a word count which makes it all a bit more complex. u have to concise everything in, and pack it all up. u cant write as much as u want. You have to choose and be critical at the same time. not so easy i tell you but hey , we gotta try right. What is a challenge without a challenge.

Ya Allah, please guide me through ya Allah. I feel so much better knowing that You will be there ya Allah to guide me through, like no matter what, You are gonna be there like forever and ever, and i can tell you anything. You know me so well, You created me, You know how i'm like.... i used to fall so easily, but less now. You know how im trying to guard my heart,I  to try to see things as bluntly sometimes as they are because im scared of hoping and being crushed again ... I have been in a relationship, a long, serious,commited relationship and that did not end that well for me and gosh i dont want to feel that pain again where i had to let go of something i dearly love.
I guess experiences had me a bit ... well.... sceptical just a bit, and i understand more about the way the world works now whether i like it or not, thats how it is right. Just have to live it and adapt. .... But i still do cherish in the power of love. I am a disney girl afterall haha how could i ever let go of the hope of there is always a happily ever after... there is not one happily ever after, but many in our lives and it comes after a bliss, a struggle or a fight. And that dear diary, is worth fighting for.

I know that came a bit out of the blue hehe but... i dont know, i just had to let that out and i havent made an entry for a long time, so thats the entry for today haha i would wana share something with u more, but mybe not now.  Alright, back to work!

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