Monday, April 1, 2013


Dear Diary,

It is in the middle of the night and here I am, in front of the laptop, listening to 'This will be' by Natalie Cole, one of my favourites from the oldies. How is everybody? Hope everyone is ok, and oh it's easter by the way and most universities students are having their easter break and I am left with 2 more weeks of holidays. Yeahhh holidays are great arent they? Honestly, how can anyone get enough of holidays? Holidays are simply the best and even if u do have work to do over the holidays, it's ok cause you would be able to do them in your own free time and according to your will. I love that feeling; to be able to work without pressure. It is pleasurable in so many ways, altho a little pressure is good but i still prefer to work without last minute pressure. Okay, enough about that. I am here to share you a lil bit of Paris!!!

Haha, yes dear diary, I went to Paris for three days and 2 nights and there is only one word I could use to describe it, it is simply wonderful! Wonderful haha... I can honestly just smile just thinking about it, thinking about the trip, the experience, the places and the guy I am with during the holidays, all adds up to a wonderful getaway. Alhamdulillah...

Who did I go with ? why did that question had to be the first? Haha... scratch that, i'll save that up for later. ill ask another question then.

Where did i go?

I went to Paris in general, and gosh, Paris is just so charming! It is dirty, dont get me wrong, but yea it is and the people... some are nice and some are not, just the basic general people. But i loved the combination between the old design of trains and platforms but at the same time it had all the modern facilities. It was unique.... no wonder a lot of people would like to come here but of course the response and reaction towards it varies, but if you just ignore the dirtiness and the harshness of the lifestyle in Paris, you would find it romantic and its such a charming, romantic city. 

I went to Le Tour De Eifl, Notre Dame and Du Louvre. Aaaahhhh I was so happy... I get to explore the city the way I wanted to, i mean really explored the city and the metro system this time, oh my god, it is not the easiest thing to do but it was such a challenge and it was a good experience! And what more, I get to go to Du Louvre and that is the amazing thing! I have always wanted to go and I went in it and it was sooo soo big,so many paintings and there were so many sculptures, beautiful they are and there were Egyptian and Islamic entry which is soo so cool! It is always nice to see the Islamic design and ways are being incorporated and accepted in the areas of the world. It shows that you cant runaway from the Islamic influence no matter how much people are trying to get rid of it, you just cant cuz it is Allah's religion, it is what Allah has blessed down for us and Alhamdulillah we are part of it and I pray I will always be in it, and always be grateful. I pray not to be too lost in the world and forget what really matters- that is to be with Him in the end. That is the only consolation I have whenever I fear of the days of the End. I pray that I will always remember Him, be thankful and do good deeds so that His love will always be upon us all. 

Alright, so basically I went to those three main places and I had such a wonderful time. Honestly, I would want to do it again. Such a good trip and.... with Allah's will, I would not have got to do it without the company of mr.Z. 

Ah so now you get the image of who I went with right? Haha yes dear diary, I went with our beloved mr.Z and for that part, I will write another entry in a minute. So see you in the next entry which I am going to write about in 5 minutes. Mmuuah mmuahh ciao!

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