Tuesday, January 26, 2010

that night...

after the eruption, many lives were taken...cities turned dark and grey, not a living soul in sight...captain Ross Fermand and his troops set out a search party to find any survivors...he knows that there will not be much time fearing the mountain will erupt again....what he did not know was that one of the survivors may change his live forever..

rodrigo: in here captain...there's someone in here..
ross: move those boulders aside...hurry, we dont have much time... who goes there?..i say, who goes there?...
lidya: dont move any closer....if u touch me i swear u will not see another light after this!
ross: we've come to save u, please, we dont have much time...i can assure you, we mean no harm..
lidya: i bet thats what u said to all the other girls you've slept with captain Fermand!
ross: you know me?
lidya; oh ur reputation exceeds u!
ross: very well then, then i am willing to stay here unless u have agreed to follow me..
rodrigo: but sire..
ross: hush rodrigo, u need not stay with me..meet me at the campsite...i will try to convince her, one way or the other...

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