Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I thought I have seen every movie there is on this planet, but I was wrong. Avatar is something new. Nothing could compare to the feelings I felt while I was watching it. I doubted it at first, starting with the animation. I have always fancied Disney's animation, Pixar's , Warner brothers but Avatar ladies and gentlemen, is something I have to open my mind on; I have to open my eyes for. Avatar upholds one of my favourite phrase, though it is different, it does not have to be something bad. I truly emptied my mind for this one. I have emptied my cup so to speak tin order to embrace something new. A new world, a world of Avatar.

The plot is fantastic I'll let you know. It is deep, intense and beautiful in its own way. It teaches you that the way humans realize and can learn their mistakes is through other species' eye. Mankind has evolved intellectually for years,making them more intelligent, advancing in their technology more than ever. However, unfortunately, emotionally, spiritually, they are left behind. Inhumane acts has been portrayed in this movie. In the fast pace of human race, which every opportunity is seized for it is their main idea to survive, they are forgetting one important thing; their moral and conscience value. It is forgotten in the modern world. The never ending war we have in the middle eastern region is one example. In Avatar, humans kill the locals in space, the Na'vi in order to gain riches from the land, a substance called euphonotium( if I'm not mistaken) which has a high value price of about RM 20 million per rock. It is a simiar situation we have here on earth. The soldiers kill the locals in the Pakistan areas, in order to gain the riches there, oil.

That would be a deeper analysis of the story but on the surface, Avatar really does take my breath away. It may seem different, but it does not have to be judged as bad. I made that mistake earlier for having that impression but I stand corrected. It is one of the finest movie I have ever watched. No doubt it is a 3 hour movie, which tends to ache your bum in the movie theatres, but the story is pondering for, worth thinking about once you get home. I wrore this as soon as I got to my room after watching it. I could not wait nor hold it in. I have to stop now for the battery is low.

Avatar managed to open my eyes tonight, my mind for that matter. I loved it. It is different, it is. Perhaps, difference is all we need to make us see that it is worth appreciating every human who lives on this planet, for that is part of who we are, we are different.

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