Wednesday, August 24, 2011

his presence

grey skies, dimmed sunlight could never bring me down into a blue mood as this, this sort of weather is the one I loved the most.
hi, my name is Sarah, and this is my story...
i'm 21, and i live the kind of life which everyone deemed it as 'normal', and i have the needs and the wants of life, and i am grateful to Allah that i was blessed with such blessings.

Malaysia is in my blood, it is my home, my land and if i were a soldier, i would fight for it, no matter what the odds are at stake. i live near the shore, everyday i see the waves...moving forward and back again where it creates a gigantic but soothing rythm, peaceful but ever so dangerous.

i was raised to believe that a girl should be ever most graceful, portraying every value of a becoming young woman, ever so ready to be wife...but in my family, that must also be accompanied by having lethal weapons to survive in a society. The society around us, changes within time, therefore, the status of women may also fluctuate, a women could be a slave or a leader in a blink of an eye.
'one must not take granted for what they possessed at the present'- a saying which i choose to live by.
everything i do, i will try to master it, to be at least, be as good as a boy can. sharpening skills at the age of 21 is also quite entertaining, it keeps u alive, active and resourceful. you will be amazed at how much one can achieve when one sets their mind to something, especially women.
but i will not pin down the strength of men as their determination, is inspiring. i live watching three men making their way in society and it amazes me. they have made quite an impact.

there is one man however, in particular, which i owe my courage to stand up to. he sails across the atlantic ocean, in which he does it, to pursue his dream, his eternal glory. but fate brought us together one night, when his boat crashed into our warm shore where my family found him. i found him to be a beautiful man, possessing strong limbs, arms and legs, having the golden hair of the sun, his sharp features of his face is indescribably handsome, i couldnt take my eyes off him. i was 13 at that time, and to him, i was no more of a young women, a kid possibly but he never treats me like a fool. both of us have founded a friendship that benefited us both. we became inseparable friends, distanced by miles but never by heart. he taught me how to fight, how to live my life and how to be strong. ( to be continued)

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