Thursday, September 1, 2011

need emotion for action!

feeling rejoiced with the wonders our creator has bestowed upon us, what a night...i miss writing, i miss it like i miss dancing when i have stopped dancing for a while, i miss it and i feel like dancing again. but to do it, i have to have the emotion. writing like dancing requires emotion, for they are actions which requires expression of emotion, therefore logically, in order to perform, we need to feel it. at times, i do feel like writing when i have so much to express myself, but nowadays it seems so hard for me to pick up a pen and just write, write write everything i want. it used to appear so easy but now, its like i dont have the time, though i know i have all the time in the world for it,and i wasted it slowly. i would like to write about my friends, my companions this time, because i think i havent given them the honour of my writing yet, and it is about time, they do.

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