Thursday, May 2, 2013

We are all different

Dear diary,

Hey, how you doing? Im alright thank you very much and alhamdulillah things are...well...alhamdulillah. the condition right now is more than i had ever hope for to happen so i could only say is, alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah for every breath Allah has given me, for the chance of living life to be His hamba and a chance to still be feeling a small part of love that i thought i would never feel again...

Dear diary,
i have just got to know a lot of speculation and stories have been circulating. about what? well.. about a certain thing.... it happens a lot apparently haha...but thats normal...its life...we cant stop that from happening can we?

What i would like to say tonight is that time has gone by and i as i grew up , i meet a lot of new people and i got to know new personalities, new characteristics of a person and it is true that people come from all shapes and sizes and so many different personalities that it just makes you think that life and Allah's creations are truly diverse and all are beautiful in their very own way.

I have friends in all shapes and sizes, with many different personalities and tempers. Not to say it is easy to live with each one of them, all have their perks and challenges, but they are Allah's creation and Allah has created them like so for a reason and there is a reason that they have been sent in your life because Allah knows you can be a friend to them. Of course it could also be a test for you, to see whether can you be patient with all of this or it is a self reflection kind of thing to show what can you actually put up with life and it is not a bad thing if you cant put up with a certain characteristic, no of course not, it is completely normal and that is called self preference. it can be perceived through many different ways and to me, i think we should try to give each person a chance...and if in the end, you cant handle it, then its your choice. nobody is forcing you to stay. you have the will power but yet again, some decisions are hard to make tho you know its bad for you but thats not the main point here tonight hehe.

the main point is, that people will always be different and that is what makes each of us unique in our very own way. I knew a guy who has a child, and is divorced, and everyone was sceptical of him because of that but actually, he is the nicest guy i have ever met. so far that ive known him, he would never hurt a fly. he is so kind and so sweet, and so thoughtful. Speculations about him are done just because things happen in his life that he has no control over which is...kinda unfair. I pray that he will always be blessed with happiness and he will find the happiness he is looking for. Although we dont talk to each other that much anymore but I pray that i will be there as a friend to him. Allah bless him amin....

And now just because someone is different, who is a bit more eccentric and does things differently and drastically than anyone else doesnt mean he doesnt deserve a chance to be known and be friends with? Just imagine if we are in the person's place? Wouldnt we feel, we only wanted to be accepted and it is kinda frustrating that everybody doesnt seem to understand and run away from you? Of course if people are running away from you, it signals something is wrong with you somehow, but still, there is that side of you which i think all of us would feel deep inside the feeling of wanting to be, i dont know for us, who are very fortunate to have lots of friends to back you up, that is a privilege...a gift, and for me, a gift like that needs to be shared...

Im sorry, it may not make sense at the moment, but im just trying to make a point that doesnt mean if that persons different, doesnt mean that the person cant be a good person. You might not know that actually the person has the kindest heart in the world if you just let them into your life...and you might know that the person can actually be the funniest person you have ever met and you realized you have never laughed more real and so much till your cheeks hurt, till you met that person. You might know that the person may only be looking for a true friend because all this while, their experiences have taught them differently and they are who they are now because of certain people who betrays their trust in the past.

We can always pass judgement easily just by the looks of things but we may not know more about the person till you actually know them...and yes it may take some time, but actually slowly, you would see a different side of them that nobody else could. I am well aware of the eccentric things that goes on in a person , its weird...but slowly it is those eccentric things that makes me intrigued and think perhaps there is more to that person than meets the eye although patience is truly yea...

Oh btw, ive been watching RyanHiga's video a lot which is so cool and soooooo funnnyyyyyy!!!! ahhhh i love himmm....i think i have a crush on him... he is sooo funny.... i think i do appreciate humor in a guy keeps you laughing and playful ...and it is also a great ice breaker as well hehe.... okay then time to hit the books!

Just a quick update on my life, family is alright and how am i feeling? I am feeling...alhamdulillah happy.... i do... in a weird way that a lot of people dont understand, i do actually.... and i pray that i can feel this happiness a little bit is not the kind of happiness that you just feel like.....its there and everything is so wonderful and all, no its not that. this happiness is the one that you know you have got to fight for it and when you fight for it, you feel that insyaAllah you have sort of earned it and it gives a fulfilling feeling that ...only you can understand.... its an earned happiness, a hard working one, hopefully it is blessed....

Alright, that is all for tonight.... and hope i will write more soon!

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