Saturday, April 27, 2013

Better not forget

Dear diary,

I would like to make another list that would remind me of what i need to do and be aware of in life. Hope you will find it useful too.

1. Always put Allah as the first and top priority in your life. Absolutely important. I may trip and find myself tumbling every now and again but Allah is ever so merciful, He gives us the chance to repent and redeem our sins. Allah, thank you ya Allah....alhamdulillah.
2. Treat our parents right! Never ever forget them, keep them close, call them always sarah. it is not hard. just pick up the phone and call them every 2 days. remember they are after all your one and only parents. it is not hard. honestly, make it a point!
3. Keep a lookout for the people who accepts you for who you are, because these people are very hard to come by. they would love you and keep you close no matter how you are and what you have done. be it a friend or a loved one, if they can accept you for who you are, then, they are a keeper. at least, we know that they are sincere in becoming our friends and they are not just after the good things we have in life. but all in all, accepting everything as it is and would try to keep each other motivated and improved in life.
4. Dont forget your dreams! My dream is to go to Egypt one day. I want to live there, study there, be a personal tutor there and embrace the culture. i want to learn and master hieroglyphics. to me, it is very important to know so that i can be involved in deciphering the secrets of the past. it would be ultimately cool! so cool! pray that i will achieve my dream. i am planning to do this after the 5 years contract with the government. i want to apply an internship or something and be sent there and experience life over there. that would be soo so cool!

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