Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Dear diary,

I miss my friends. Though i know perhaps, most of them think that i have changed and i have neglected them, truth is, never. Never in my heart will they be put aside. though my actions may appear and gave that impression, but deep down, in my heart, that will never ever be the case.

i love my friends. They have been with me since forever. they have been with me in times of good and bad. although yes, we may get mad at one another, and fight, but still, theyre my friends you know and ill love them always.

i may spend less time with them now, which is something i would like to change in the future. i dont want them to get hurt because of me. but if i could let them know that they are all so dear to me id be more than happy. but of course, feelings must be expressed through actions then only then, it would make a difference.

I love all of my friends, be it in Malaysia or in the UK, all of them and dear Allah, bless them all...cherish them and bless them with joy and your rahmah ya Allah...they have been exceptionally good to me and i love them with all my heart.

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