Thursday, July 4, 2013


Dear diary,

Oh god, i miss him soo muchh it hurts. but you know what, distance...altho in a way shud be harder but alhamdulillah, what we both are feeling right now is sweeter. we know that we have got a lot of time zone differences going on, and so we learn and try to make use of every possible opportunity we get to talk to each other. i miss him and i think im falling for him more.....we both have been together and seeing each other so much that when we r far away, it hurts....we miss each others company...

i miss his shopping tricks, i miss shopping with him, he is such a serious shopper which is a complement to me cuz im not.he teaches me what colour goes with what colour, what matches with what, and how men sizes differ. i thought that if i knew the basics, im fine, but no, shopping has more to it, and he shows me that. i never cared how this looks like what and what, but when i see the world in his eyes, i can see how these things matter and it is very interesting to indulge in. of course i dont indulge in for too long coz i still shop only when i need to, but he shops for pleasure and its so good to see him happy. id do anything to keep that smile on his face, the joy and fun he has...oh Allah, how i miss him...

im a serious book collector, book searcher, and he has never done that before, so he finds it amazing that i find so much joy in a book. he keeps on asking me, what do i get from a book? what makes it so special? i just tell him that a book in a way, sets you free, transports you into another world. and what i do with my books is, well i dont just read novels, i dont read chick flicks all d time. when i look at books, i look at all of it. the cover, the smell, how old it is...who is the author, what is the author trying to bring in this time...all of that...the genre...history, poetry...ancient findings....old books, books that have notes in it, those are the things that i look for and i find joy just looking for special and unique books, and when you find that kind of book, when you hold it, you know, its special and its got what you're searching for. the feeling is truly awesome!

im currently in kemaman right now, good to be home alhamdulillah. its great to be back in familys arms and oh tmrw we are going to the market which i looovee....gona find neat stuff there, food basically which is so cool! alright cant wait!

i have been skyping with him since the night i got back and its so good to see him, although he is far away, but skype will do. he calls me you know every now and then and i can hear in his voice that he means it when he says he misses me....i miss him terribly and i wish im there with him right now...Allah please take care of him ya Allah....and dont let him feel too lonely. at least i have my family here to keep me company, i just hope he is alright on his own. ill see you soon dear diary. bye for now.

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