Thursday, September 1, 2011


i would like to start by writing about my friends who are close to me, those who stick close by me, show that they care and showing no signs that they want drift away, these kind of friends are hard to find, these kind of friends are the ones that you should repay their love with your most affectionate attention.

childhood friends, the first one that comes to my mind when they ask about my childhood friend would be Manis!!! she was there the moment my memories in malaysia started after coming back from uk!. she was there and alhamdulillah she still is! it is true that she could be annoying at times, i had a hard time accepting the way she is when i was young, but it was also influenced by the other friends around me who didnt like her from the beginning. it kinda got to me but later as i grew up, those friends who said that i should be friends with them and leave manis, are the ones who never calls me, asking me how i am. Manis is different, she has her own style, and the thing is, when you grow up, the annoying bit doesnt really get to u that much. you will get used to it, and it is those things that makes u remember them most. Manis is a true and loyal friend, i hope that ive become a great friend to her, and appreciate her the way she is, thank you gurl!

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