Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my Mak Lagam friends...

they are a family i never knew i would be so totally in love with....hehe

dear diary,

how often one gets attached to people that they meet and it lasts for a lifetime.....as far as im concerned, once in a lifetime! the moment my feet stepped into the grass and pavement of mak lagam school, it was a step to making new friends whom i found such comfort and love to pave my way through the schooling days.

dearest friends whom have made my raya celebration a lively one, hasimah hassan, lini benini, safi, zati hashim, fiz, farhana razaki hihihi , syafikah, khadijah, kinah and of course the boys, shahrul and azlan hehe.....gosh i dont know what id do without u guys! thank u soo much for making me happy. u guys are simply the best. if i die and i havent gotten around to tell all of you how much i appreciate and cherish our friendship, please believe that what i write in my blog as my undying appreciation to you.

they are a bunch of interesting people if you get to meet them dear diary. they have made my asrama life a fun and an unforgettable one and have made my life after school, a reunion worth fighting for.

nights that i find trouble sleeping in the asrama became bearable with lini who always stayed up late in the night, studying beside my bed....she may be studying, but she doesnt know how much she helped me to go through those creepy nights which is not actually creepy but my imagination perceives it to be so. i literally wouldnt have a lot of good night sleep if it werent for her. and not to mention, she was the person who shares my enthusiasm for eating in the cafeteria and we would do our prefects' job together, with her being a more stricter disciplinary while i was the less. a good team i should say hehe.

simah is really crazy with the addmaths i should say! she amazes me with the speed she uses for maths! man, its mind blowing. i needed at least 10 minutes to figure out the system but she only took 1 minute. she should have been a mathematician id say. hehe, during our high school times, we werent that close, she was more close to farhana. but when i got close to farhana, then i started to become close to her and now one of my closest friends. she's definitely a keeper hehe she's strict on her own personality in her own way, she has her ideas on who my future husband should be like haha and she would want to interview each guy that wants to make a pass at me hee.....what a gal!

i wouldnt want our friendship to end, its something so hard to find. though now im in uk and i have new great friends to keep me company, but i wouldnt trade the friends i have right now for a dime in the world. they are priceless and i hope my friends know that, though i may not go out as much as others do, spending a lot of time out with everyone, but inside my heart, i honestly want to and would love all of u to know, i love all of u and when i do get to spend my time with u, u would have my devoted attention once and for all.
( more would come later)

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