Tuesday, September 6, 2011

wish they knew

Dear diary,

it never fails to amaze me that my parents are completely oblivious of their daughter's feelings...i think the whole planet, especially my circle of friends and cousins know that i am in love with a man name Miji. true i acted as if nothing is serious going on between us, and i inserted that i am also involved with other guys, but its a bit annoying when the person that i would want them to know the most is the one that they dont know the most. tried to talk to them about him, that didnt work, tried to explain his background, they get emotional before i could finish, not to mention that i get emotional as well...then how on earth are we supposed to overcome our dispute and go on with life, living with the fact that i am in love with a man named Miji.

other girls i see, move so easily about telling about the boyfriend, telling that they would get married as soon as everythings over, and their parents are pretty accepting each men theyve introduced them to.


Alhamdulillah i have been most fortunate with Allah's blessings that i have been blessed with so many beautiful things around me including a man whom i could love. but i have not been blessed yet of my parents' acceptance towards Miji. i am not complaining and i hate to complain, but i am trying to reassure myself that it is all according to Allah's plan. Allah wouldnt do this unless He has something in mind, truly He knows what is best for me and He is now watching over me, seeing that im typing away my feelings in a box hehe....

ya Allah, permudahkan urusan jodohku ya Allah, murahkanlah rezeki ku utk dijodohkan dgnnya, izinkanlah kami dpt disatukan bersama dgn segera, dan izinkanlah ya Allah jodoh n cinta kami berkekalan di dunia, akhirat dan syurga amin....

there must be a reason why my love life isnt as smooth as others and i as His hamba, should redha and accept His will n fate that He has instore for me.

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