Sunday, August 1, 2010

according to you!

According to you..

i have changed, im hard to please, and i cant do anything right...
although you never said that way, but you meant it everyday..according to you...according to you!

Maybe i am hard to please but because i have my expectations especially from a guy that i call 'lover'. you should not be like any other guys, you should treat me better. if i wanted a good guy friend, and you wanted a good girl friend that comes and go only for a little while, then you should tell me so and you should not call me lover.

COZ right now, im confused! i dont know what you want! everything i do is not right!!

adam lamberg: what do you want from me?? what do you want from me...what do you want from me.................?

stacie orrico: i cant take it! what am i waiting for? my heart still breakin! i miss u even more...then i cant fake it, the way i could before, i Hate you but i Love you, i cant stop thinking of youu! its true! im stuck on youuu!

paramore: you treat me just like..another stranger, and its nice to meet you sir, i guess i'll go, i best me on my way out! ignorance is your new best friend, ignorance is your new best friend!

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