Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspired !

Dear diary,
for years i have been trying to go on with my passion of getting to know more about the ancient civilization, hieroglyphs, the earth....all of that! i lovee reading about them and i love making more research about them, those are d kinds of things i would like to get involved it, those r the things i want to immerse myself in, God, you have no idea how it feels to be able to read hieroglyphs a bit, and i did, well sort of. ive been on the internet a lot and gotta know a bit about it but will make more effort for more insyaAllah. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, thank you for the passion, its so wonderful to have it.

I have one little girl to thank by the way for this. She has inspired me so much to go on with my passion. Have you ever felt like are you the one who is the odd one, or you would want to have someone who understands your passion and would work for it. it doesnt have to be d same passion, it cud be another but the effort is the effort you wanna put in in your area of interest. Her name is Balqis. She is amazing! She is sooo smart, so hardworking, soo... amazing, but dont tell her i said that haha.

in a way, she reminds me of myself when i was a kid. i was that motivated, i was that immersed in my own world, my studies, my reading, that alhamdulillah i was good in what i do. i remember when i was a kid, i had a stronger attitude, a more 'you do not mess with me' attitude, like... i know what im doing sort of thing. haha when i was a kid i remembered i was mengade. where did that little girl go? haha

well i know she is in me somewhere, her drive is still in me, it has just being shaped by the years of growing up thats all, and i wouldnt have wished growing up in another way, Alhamdulillah, i love the way the years Allah has given me. He has plans for me i know, and He has given me a chance to meet a wonderful girl like Balqis now, (its her birthday today btw) Happy Birthdayy Balqis hehe, alhamdulillah that u have been bornt. Perhaps you are the inspiration that i needed to go on being myself and love the work and passion i have in me and not to let it go. I pray that we would be great friends :)

mmm, i realized that i have wrote a lot on 'the guy' haha. Mmm let me just make it clear. I really really care for him. He is great haha but we are just close friends, and thats just the way it is. Alhamdulillah he is safely back home, and just remember he is just a close friend( tho it is hard to say so) haha. i just dont want things to get weird thats all. i dont want him to feel weird around me, thats more important.

Alright, imma gonna get ready for asar, listening to Nouman ali khan on surah an-nasr. He is a great speaker alhamdulillah. his videos are a great source for ilmu, tafseer and reminder of how important it is and how special the Quran is. Try to listen to him if u do come across it, i love reading on the tafseer of the surah, it makes us appreciate the surah in our solat, it gives a ..stronger impact on your solat insyaAllah, try it for yourself, you'll see hehe. okay2, im gonna go now.

May Allah bless us all insyaAllah... till next post, take care!

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