Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still wrapped up in my golden fleece....

Dear diary, 

I havent worked for so long.... mmmm because there are too many other things to do in my life! i just couldnt find the time haha Alhamdulillah  but gotta start soon.... but i just honestly wana focus on my studies now...

missing my brothers... cant wait to hang out with them soon when i get back. my time in the uk is almost coming to an end, i do want to make d most of it insyaAllah.... but i do miss my brothers so, justin biebers songs are gonna be on my playlist for a while haha

ohh my friend, musaddiq, i call him moose, who is a doctor hehe a really cool guy, he was admitted to the hospital two days ago and now he has been discharged alhamdulillah. he had an operation, a minor one but still anything that goes on in the hospital is a big thing for me. i have always wondered how it would be like to sleep in the hospital, i dont know, i think its the thing in me u know, that ive always wanted to become a doctor, so im curious to know how it feels to spend d night in the hospital. that would be a  new experience!

ohh im gonna watch Merlin now! have a date with collin and bradley in 5 minutes haha. i loveeee them!!! 
i havent gone crazy over celebrities like this in a while now and im enjoying it haha. oh brad.... oh collin.... 
at least it keeps me happy! and i dont miss my family too much, and my friends, theyre the best. May Allah bless them all always. 

Pray that ill be a good friend to them, a friend who is there to help them when they need it, a friend to be able to share their happiness and sorrow, a friend whom they can trust, because thats what they have shown to me, thats what they have given to me. all the new and my old friends, they are all wonderful in their own way.  
i hope each of them know that :)

okay2, im lateee for my date! haha Snowy is already ready, ok2 blogg with you soon dear diary. 


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