Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wrapped up in my golden fleece...

Dear diary,

The things that happen in my life, they do happen for a reason. I am a strong believer of that. Allah always has a plan for me and I know He is watching me right now, writing this post haha. Ya Allah, forgive me for all my sins and pray that i will be a hamba to You who is grateful and redha with everything You kurniakan. Alhamdulillah ya Allah for everything despite the sadness that comes with it.

In life, you have to feel a bit of pain, or not you wont appreciate the peace and happiness that comes in the later part of the day.

I realized i have so much to do in life. I am running out of time to be honest. I going to turn 23 this year insyaAllah and its like half of life has passed. I have even made out a list, things to do before i go back and while i still live. There is so much to life that sometimes it makes me ponder why would anyone say that their life is boring? there is so much to it and if u look carefully, in each and every of the incident that happens, there is a mystery to it and you will never know what would happen and things would just happen out of the blue. in a way it is exciting, making life worth anticipating for, but in a way, it will drag u down, might even crush your soul, but hopefully it doesnt take your iman away.

because only with iman, you can find peace in the things that happen. coz you know Someone is looking after you and you would know what to do.

What are the things to do in life you may ask dear diary? Well, lets see shall we! (the things are not in order so things may just happen when it happens so yeah)

1) Graduate
2) go to jurassic coast with balqis (definitely gotta do that, hmm if i could bring my brother along that wud be so cool! )
3) write a book! and publish one!
4) Be close to Allah and rajinkan diri in that direction always ( wana do it istiqamah insyaAllah pray that im given the strength and patience to do it)
5) Go to Egypt, study/live there. ( oh btw, my mum seems to be making plans for me with the son of her friend who studies in egypt haha, ive met the guy, very handsome haha and so baik... but... hmm... too early to tell, but oh well, like i said, life is a mystery, we will never know what will happen!)
6) Go to Cambridge
7) Go to Turkey with Pain
8) Go umrah and haji

Hmm that is so far on what ive got, but insyaAllah things may add up later and hopefully i could do all of these things. this is my to-do-list and i wana make each of it count!

The night is so cold, i dont know why
all the smiles and laughter turns to sigh,
reflecting on life, on how it may be,
pondering on the veil of uncertainty,
now with each day,
it passes by and with virtue it says,
Go and live your day,
For there might not be another one like the one uve got today...

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