Friday, April 19, 2013

I Miss You

I miss you
How do I make it up to you?
You drive me crazy
since the moment I met you
You 'intruded' my nights
with your phone calls
You drained me out
with laughter
making silly jokes and unthinkable comments
You lit up my day

You were becoming part of me
The songs we shared were similar
the image and imagination
were so vivid and yet so playful
I was so cheerful around you

You were also so emotional with me
You get mad at things that i thought people wont get mad about
But its like you said
You and I are different
and looking through your eyes is what im trying now
so that i could understand you better

I fell in love...

Things may have changed now
But i pray that the love is still there...
I accept that whats going on now is the consequence of my past
But i pray to be given a second chance in love
I do hope for it
I do pray for it
May your heart hear my call...

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