Friday, April 19, 2013


I just created a Keek account... ive been interested in it since the moment i was introduced to it. It looks like a cool device. Im gonna use when i go to priya's house later insyaAllah. She is not feeling very well so gonna pop in and see her. Thats it! I am not letting her out of the house for more socials anymore. Thats it! she is going to drink soup and stay in bed and work for appropriate hours. she needs to start takiing care of herself! ishhh... okay gonna go n get ready now, oh my i havent vacuumed my room yet. but at least i kinda make it look more neat than the last state it was in errr...okay, gotta go see ya! and oh yea, when i do post my first keek vid, ill sure let you know ok, ok bubye...

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